Quest Showcases New MLI Electrical Grounding Technology & Vapor Cooling Methods at Space Cryogenics Workshop

Quest Showcases New MLI Electrical Grounding Technology and Vapor Cooling Methods at Space Cryogenics Workshop

Quest Thermal Group attended the 2023 iteration of the prestigious Space Cryogenics Workshop held in Kona, Hawaii. The company presented two technical papers highlighting advancements in cryogenic thermal technologies. This engagement underscores Quest’s continued commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and sharing expertise with the global space exploration community.

The Space Cryogenics Workshop serves as a premier platform for professionals in the field to exchange insights, discuss emerging technologies, and address challenges related to cryogenic systems in space applications.

“At Quest Thermal Group, we are honored to be part of the Space Cryogenics Workshop, sharing our expertise and research findings with the wider space community. Our technical papers will focus on cutting-edge advancements in cryogenic thermal technologies, reflecting our commitment to driving innovation and excellence in the field,” said Scott Dye, CTO at Quest Thermal Group.

The technical papers presented by Quest Thermal Group include latest research results for Vapor Cooling methods for IMLI and foam insulations presented by Tim Heiderscheit, and a new electrical grounding method for MLI using metallized discrete spacers presented by Scott Dye. These contributions enhance the collective knowledge base and inspire further advancements in space cryogenics.

By actively engaging with the space community at this workshop, Quest Thermal Group aims to foster collaboration, share insights, and contribute to the ongoing evolution of cryogenic thermal technologies for space applications.