Sustain Lunar Development


This is an exciting time with NASA supporting and funding development of new human rated lunar landers and cis-lunar transfer vehicles to take mankind back to the moon.  Integrated Multilayer Insulation (IMLI) high thermal performance insulation is playing a critical role in meeting aggressive thermal and mass requirements for cryogenic fluid management and LH2 crypropellant storage and transfer for new vehicles in development.  Quest Thermal Group has partnered with the National Team to insulate lunar landers and cis-lunar transporter, integrated with novel passive and active vapor cooling methods, meeting very low heat flux goals.  

Wrapped Multilayer MLI (WMLI), Quest’s high performance cryofeedline insulation, is playing an important role on these vehicles, IMLI-based self-deploying sunshields are reducing solar heating, High Temperature MLI from Quest is insulating hot areas near engines, and MMOD-IMLI is providing both micrometeoroid/orbital debris shielding and thermal insulation.

Quest’s high performance IMLI provides cutting edge technology, superior heat flux reduction, robust structure and lower mass, with a customizable, modular design.  IMLI is the highest performance insulation system available, and combines innovation, efficiency and reliability.  

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