Insulation System Design

Quest Thermal Group provides our proprietary Discrete Spacer Technology™ insulation systems with an expanding portfolio of new technologies and high performance reference thermal solutions. With two decades of R&D experience, Quest’s team of engineers and scientists provide expertise and collaboration with clients to provide innovative thermal solutions. Quest products are highly modular, and can be tailored to a wide range of mission requirements. We provide the technical expertise necessary to create the highest performing insulation systems available.

Testing & Analysis

Quest Thermal Group has the tools and equipment required to support the entire product development lifecycle, from conceptualization and design, to analysis, testing, manufacture, and installation. We develop custom analysis models to ensure compliance with all requirements. Highly predictable by nature, our thermal models have been shown to be accurate within 10% of measured performance.

CAD/FEA Software

  • Mechanical Design
  • Thermal/Flow Simulation
  • Structural FEA
  • Design Optimization

Thermal Testing

  • Boil-Off Calorimetry
  • Data Acquisition
  • Flow, Pressure, Temperature
  • High-Vacuum Environment

Structural Testing

  • Compressive/Tensile Loading
  • Cryogenic Strength
  • Structural Optimization
  • Mass Optimization


Quest Thermal Group manufactures all of its insulation products in ISO Class 8 environmentally-controlled cleanrooms outfitted with custom manufacturing equipment. Quest’s facility is located in Arvada, CO with on-site design, manufacturing, and testing capabilities, including high-vacuum equipment to validate thermal performance via boil-off calorimetry. Automated manufacturing will soon enable significantly higher throughput to meet aggressive timelines in support of future large-scale production.