Discrete Spacer Technology®

Integrated MLI (IMLI)
  • Maximum thermal performance
  • Modular stack for various needs
  • Spacer: Tripod
Wrapped MLI (WMLI)
  • High performance for cryofeedlines
  • 3D printed shells for complex geometries
  • Spacer: Triple Orthogonal Disc
Load Responsive MLI (LRMLI)
  • Dynamic load carrying
  • Supports cooled shields, MMOD, and
    lightweight vacuum shells
  • Spacer: Tripod + Dynamic Y-rib

Lightweight Vacuum Shell

Discrete Spacer insulation systems have unique structural capabilities, and can be engineered to carry specific loads. IMLI and LRMLI spacers can support thin, lightweight vacuum shells for significant mass savings, replacing heavy rigid vacuum shells required with netting MLI. Quest has developed insulation-supported vacuum shells as thin as 0.010″ aluminum or 0.005″ composite laminates.  Dual wall configurations have been built forming lightweight LHe dewars.

Integrated Vapor Cooling

Integrating vapor cooling with Discrete Spacer IMLI can deliver ultra-high thermal performance with unparalleled thermal and mass efficiency. Quest has pioneered passive and active vapor cooling designs that combine unique thermal and structural characteristics to provide the optimum blend of thermal performance and system mass for critical Zero Boil Off cryogenic storage for long duration missions.

Discover All Quest Can Do

Vacuum shells, vapor cooling and Integrated Multilayer Insulation is only a fraction of what we do. From LH₂ storage solutions to mankind’s next journey to the moon, consult Quest Thermal for your mission’s thermal and insulation needs.

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