Load Responsive (LRMLI)

Load Responsive MLI (LRMLI)


  • Dynamic load carrying response allows in-air and in-space performance
  • Supports lightweight vacuum shells and external loads
  • Tripod discrete spacer + Dynamic Y-Rib support

LRMLI employs a dynamic load bearing spacer and a lightweight metallic or composite vacuum shell to withstand atmospheric loads. Whether in-air or on-orbit, LRMLI delivers exceptional thermal efficiency.  LRMLI achieves an astonishing 144X lower heat flux than SOFI per thickness; a 3-layer 0.25” thick system boasts an in-air heat flux of 29.3 W/m2 and 4.8 W/m2 in-space.

Our load responsive spacer combines low thermal conductance with the ability to support over 90 psi when loaded, yet disconnects when unloaded for zero additional heat penalty. LRMLI is designed to withstand atmospheric loads, and is a SOFI replacement.  Quest has developed several lightweight vacuum shells, including 0.010” to 0.032” Aluminum and 0.005” composite shells.  LRMLI and IMLI spacers can be engineered to support specific external pressures.  LRMLI has been tested on a complex 500L cryotank, reaching TRL5.



  • Launch vehicle SOFI replacement
  • In-air cryogen storage
  • Structural load bearing (lightweight vacuum shells, cooled shields, external loads)


  • LH2-fueled aircraft and mobility systems
  • LH2 infrastructure and storage
  • Cryogen transport 
  • Superconductor cooling

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