Flight Heritage

…from Note Pad to Launch Pad


Discrete Spacer Technology™️

Quest proposes next generation MLI concept to NASA and develops multiple new technologies providing advanced cryogenic insulation.


Quest Thermal Group

Quest Thermal Group forms to focus on developing novel insulation systems for aerospace and commercial use.


Quest Load Bearing MLI

By 2015 Quest had won 16 NASA R&D contracts. Load Bearing IMLI enables successful NASA LH₂ Reduced Boil Off (RBO) actively-cryocooled test program.


Robotic Refueling Mission 3 (RRM3)

Quest’s IMLI achieves TRL-9 aboard the NASA RRM3 Technology Demonstration Mission, insulating the cryogenic flight receiver dewar on the first in-space cryogenic propellent transfer.


Green Propellant Infusion Mission (GPIM)

Quest’s IMLI insulated the NASA/Ball GPIM Technology Demonstration Mission to test a new “green” propellant.


Lightweight Vacuum Shells

Quest continues development of Multi-Environmental MLI for NASA, intended for ISRU liquefaction and storage on Mars surface. Discrete Space Technology enables Lightweight Vacuum Shells for significant mass savings.


Lucy Spacecraft – L’RALPH Instrument

Quest’s IMLI provided thermal management for the LEISA instrument radiator on the NASA Lucy spacecraft, the first mission to the Trojan Asteroids surrounding Jupiter.


Lunar Environmental Monitoring Station (LEMS)

Quest IMLI will allow the NASA Lunar Environment Monitoring Station to survive the lunar night with minimal RHU requirement; ground test demo currently at TRL-6. LEMS is going to the moon on Artemis III!


Quest joins Sustaining Lunar Development National Team

Quest has been providing expertise and custom insulation to National Team members for years, and is insulating the lunar landers and cis-lunar transport vehicles.


Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope

Quest IMLI panels will help insulate the Wide Field Instrument aboard the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope (formerly WFIRST), which is set to launch in 2027.


Near Earth Object Surveyor (NEOS)

Quest IMLI will help insulate the NASA Near Earth Object Surveyor space telescope. The robust structure of IMLI allows insulation panels to span large distances on the telescope.