Hydrogen Infrastructure and Storage

Hydrogen Storage & Infrastructure

Hydrogen has a potential role in providing clean energy, and is building momentum as part of the transformation required to reduce carbon dioxide and mitigate climate change as a carbon-free solution. Aggressive government mandating and rising investment is expected to significantly increase global demand for hydrogen. The private sector has begun mobilizing to establish fueling stations and distribution facilities, while OEMs are working to develop vehicles and technology to equip a hydrogen economy.

Liquid storage of hydrogen (LH2) is generally desired for higher density compared to compressed gas storage. Innovative technology for reducing boil-off loses for LH2 stored at 20K is required for successful widespread adoption. Quest engineers are adapting their high performance insulation technology for commercial hydrogen applications, utilizing Discrete Spacer multilayer insulation, Vapor Cooled Structures, and Lightweight Vacuum Shells to deliver innovative solutions that will significantly improve hydrogen storage capabilities.

Quest Thermal Group has been developing advanced multilayer insulation systems since 2006, and has extensive experience with Reduced- and Zero-Boil-Off LH2 insulation systems in numerous R&D programs with NASA and Aerospace Prime contractors

Quest Discrete Spacer Technology for LH2

  • High performance Discrete Spacer MLI can substantially reduce LH2 boiloff losses
  • Very low heat flux enables ultra-long storage life and extended hold times
  • Passive and Active Vapor Cooling integration can help achieve Zero-Boil-Off
  • Lightweight Vacuum Shells enable multi-environment operation
  • Achievable boil-off rates of <0.1 %/day, meeting DOE Hydrogen Shot program goal

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