NASA Selects First Lunar Instruments for Artemis Astronaut Deployment

NASA has chosen the first science instruments designed for astronauts to deploy on the surface of the Moon during Artemis III. Once installed near the lunar South Pole, the three instruments will collect valuable scientific data about the lunar environment, the lunar interior, and how to sustain a long-duration human presence on the Moon.

New Robotic Automation Initiative Will Elevate Manufacturing Capacity and Precision

Quest Thermal Group, a world-leader in innovative thermal management solutions, announces the initiation of a robotic automated fabrication effort aimed at revolutionizing its manufacturing processes. This strategic move reflects Quest’s commitment to advancing technology, enhancing precision, and ensuring the highest quality standards while meeting the growing manufacturing needs their clients.

Quest Thermal Group Successfully Passes Rigorous Quality Audit Conducted by Blue Origin

Quest Thermal Group, a leading provider of cutting-edge thermal management solutions, proudly announces the successful completion of a comprehensive quality audit conducted by Blue Origin, a private aerospace manufacturer and spaceflight services company. This achievement highlights Quest Thermal Group’s commitment to excellence and its capability to meet the stringent standards set by industry leaders in the space exploration sector.

Humanity’s Return to the Moon: Quest Joins Forces with Lockheed Martin on Lunar Exploration Transfer Vehicles

Quest Thermal, a leading innovator in thermal management solutions, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with Lockheed Martin, a global aerospace and defense company, to pioneer advancements in lunar transfer vehicles. This strategic partnership aims to accelerate the development of state-of-the-art technologies crucial for the future of lunar exploration.

IMLI To Insulate NASA Near Earth Object Surveyor (NEOS) Space Telescope

Quest Thermal’s cutting-edge Integrated MultiLayer Insulation (IMLI) has been chosen by Ball Aerospace and NASA to insulate the NASA NEOS infrared space telescope. The Near-Earth Object Surveyor space telescope is designed to help advance NASA’s planetary defense efforts to discover and characterize most of the potentially hazardous asteroids and comets that come within 30 million miles of Earth’s orbit. By detecting and characterizing these celestial bodies, NEOS contributes to planetary defense and scientific research.

Quest Thermal Group Invited to Blue Origin Supplier Summit

Quest Thermal Group, a trailblazer in the field of thermal management solutions, is honored to announce its participation in the Blue Origin Supplier Summit. This invitation serves as a recognition of Quest Thermal Group’s dedication to excellence, innovation, and its pivotal role in advancing technologies crucial to the aerospace industry.

Humanity’s Return to the Moon: Quest Joins Forces with Lockheed Martin on Self-Deploying Sunshield Technology

Quest Thermal Group, a renowned leader in thermal management solutions, proudly announces its collaboration with Lockheed Martin on a groundbreaking Cryogenic Demonstration Mission. This joint venture brings together Quest Thermal Group’s expertise in cutting-edge thermal technologies and Lockheed Martin’s prowess in aerospace innovation to advance cryogenic systems for future space exploration.

Quest Showcases New MLI Electrical Grounding Technology & Vapor Cooling Methods at Space Cryogenics Workshop

Quest Thermal Group attended the 2023 iteration of the prestigious Space Cryogenics Workshop held in Kona, Hawaii. The company presented two technical papers highlighting advancements in cryogenic thermal technologies. This engagement underscores Quest’s continued commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and sharing expertise with the global space exploration community.

IMLI Chosen For NASA Cryocooler Test Program To Achieve LH₂ Zero Boil-Off

Quest Thermal Group, the world-leader in advanced thermal insulation systems, proudly announces its collaboration with NASA on the groundbreaking LH₂ Two Stage Cryocooled Zero Boil Off test program. This partnership reflects Quest Thermal Group’s commitment to advancing cryogenic thermal technologies and contributing to NASA’s ambitious goals for space exploration.

IMLI To Insulate NASA Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope

Quest Thermal Group has completed the design and fabrication of their advanced IMLI helping insulate the Wide Field Instrument on NASA’s Roman Space Telescope. Quest is providing specialized insulation solutions designed to maintain optimal operating temperatures for critical components of the Roman Space Telescope. Our advanced thermal insulation technologies are tailored to withstand the harsh conditions of space and ensure the telescope’s precision and performance throughout its mission.