Integrated MultiLayer Insulation


  • Offers lowest heat leak of any insulation system
  • Modular layer stack engineered to meet specific heat flux or structural requirements
  • Uses Quest’s patented Tripod discrete spacer

Integrated MLI (IMLI) is the best multilayer insulation available, offering the lowest heat leak of any current insulation solution. IMLI uses proprietary Discrete Spacer Technology™ with low thermal conductivity polymer spacers to reduce heat leak, control layer spacing and density, and provide unique structural capabilities.  Quest’s flagship product utilizes a Tripod Spacer optimized for thermal performance, designed for the most demanding thermal applications. 

IMLI’s engineered structure offers half the heat leak per layer as netting MLI, robust structure, predictable performance, fewer layers and lower mass then netting MLI, can span large spaces and support various loads such as Broad Area Cooled shields, ballistic layers and lightweight vacuum shells.

Quest Thermal Group’s technology, expertise and commitment to excellence positions them as the world leader in high-performance insulation for aerospace and commercial markets.



  • Long-duration cryopropellant storage
  • Spacecraft thermal management
  • Lunar & Mars surface exploration
  • Telescopes & science instruments


  • LNG and LH2 storage and infrastructure
  • LH2-fueled aircraft and trucks
  • Cold Supply Chain
  • Superconducting motors, devices and power lines
  • Medical and research cryogenic applications

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