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An Overview

Who We Are
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Quest Thermal has successfully developed new technology for NASA and Aerospace Primes since 2006, developing and supplying beyond cutting-edge insulation systems.

Quest Thermal works with you to develop optimal solutions for insulating spacecraft, cryogenic propellant storage and transfer, vapor cooling, load bearing insulation, lightweight vacuum shell insulation, cryofeed line insulation, lunar and Mars ISRU, LH2 storage, cold supply chain and other thermal applications.  Quest provides expertise, novel technology and the highest performance thermal solutions for our clients.

Quest’s IMLI insulates the LEASA radiator on the NASA Lucy spacecraft, heading to the Jupiter Trojan Asteroids.
Quest Thermal insulated the cryogenic receiver dewar in NASA’s RRM3 flight experiment, with the first in-space cryogen transfer.
Quest’s IMLI insulates the NASA Lunar Environment Monitoring Station TRL6 demo, a lunar surface science payload, allowing it to survive the long, cold lunar night.
Quest custom IMLI panels insulate parts of the Wide Field Instrument on the NASA Nancy Grace Roman space telescope.
Quest’s structural IMLI insulates large spans on the sunshield and spacecraft for the NASA Near Earth Object Surveyor infrared space telescope.
Quest vapor cooled IMLI and WMLI with low heat flux for ground tests of lunar landers and cis-lunar cryogenic transfer vehicles.

What We Build

Our Products
& Technologies

Integrated Multilayer Insulation
IMLI is a high performance insulation developed by Quest Thermal Group for NASA. IMLI uses proprietary Discrete Spacer Technology™ with low thermal conductivity polymer spacers to reduce heat leak, control layer spacing and density, and provide unique structural capabilities.

IMLI offers half the heat leak per layer as netting MLI, robust structure, predictable performance, fewer layers and lower mass then netting MLI, can span large spaces and support external loads.
Wrapped MLI uses a unique Discrete Spacer designed for cryogenic transfer applications. WMLI offers a 12-fold improvement in heat leak compared to spiral-wrapped netting MLI. Triple Orthogonal Disc (TOD) spacers provide high performance insulation on tube diameters from ¼” up to 6″. WMLI can use 3D printed Nested Shells to accommodate bends, tees, valves, and other plumbing equipment.
Load Responsive/Load Bearing MLI
Load Responsive/Load Bearing MLI is a structural insulation that can carry compressive loads up to 90 psi. A Discrete Spacer dynamically compresses with load - LRMLI supports vapor cooled shields, thin lightweight vacuum shells and other external loads. The spacer’s dynamic response to external load provides optimal performance both in-air and in-space, and LRMLI/LBMLI can be designed for a specific load and mission requirement.
Vac Shells
Lightweight Vacuum Shell
Insulation Systems
Discrete Spacers provide structural support, allowing thin, lightweight vacuum shell insulation. Self-supported and spacer-supported metal or composite vacuum shells for various external pressures have been designed. These systems are ideal for LH₂ storage for aircraft and vehicles, launch vehicles and Mars surface ISRU.
Vapor Cooling
Advanced Vapor Cooled Technology
Quest Thermal has worked on more than 10 R&D programs for NASA and Aerospace Primes developing new vapor cooling methods and insulation systems. IMLI supports embedded Broad Area Cooled shields with our low heat leak discrete spacers, and can provide optimal passive or active vapor cooling. A number of new Quest technologies provide novel, highly efficient vapor cooling methods with low mass.

Integrated vapor cooling within IMLI routinely provides 50% to 70% reduction in heat flux using passive LH₂ boiloff, and helps achieve Zero Boil Off with actively cryocooled systems.
Commercial Superinsulation
Quest Thermal has developed a lower cost discrete spacer insulation for commercial superinsulation applications. Our commercial insulation offers high thermal performance for industrial and residential uses including refrigerators, freezers, cold supply chain, LNG and LH₂ transport. A 5mm thick system offers R-values > 100, significantly better thermal performance than R-7 foam.
Other Techs
Other Quest Technologies
Launch Vehicle MLI
MMOD Insulation Systems
Lightweight LHe Dewars
Highly Variable Spacecraft Radiators
Deployable Sunshields
High Temperature MLI
Commercial Superinsulation
LH₂ Storage Systems
Superconducting Applications
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